Product liability

Copter Squad UAS UG is liable as UAS Assembler to its commercial buyer for the accuracy of the UAS.

This liability is valid for a period of 1 year. In the first 6 months after the hand over, operational malfunctions of the UAS are remedied free of charge within the framework of the guarantee liability valid in Germany.

The standard for freedom from errors is the description in brochures and other advertising.

Copter Squad UAS UG is liable for usability for the purpose intended by a commercial purchaser of such a drone.

The warranty for components of the UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) is valid for 1 year from the date of delivery.

This does not apply to brushless drive motors which, regardless of manufacturer or size, require a motor replacement or replacement of the ball bearings after 50 operating hours on the part of the manufacturer.

Copter Squad UAS UG refers each buyer to the link of the online maintained operation manual.

This will be made available to buyers in Germany, except in english, also in german.

If a UAV causes damage wich is not due to an operator error, but to a UAV error, the manufacturer is liable under the Product Liability Act for all resulting damage.

For the determination of causes of damage only neutral experts are to be ordered by the user / customer. The nomination of the possible expert is to be entered in the purchase contract as a precautionary measure.

Our UAS are usually controlled by radio, are therefore classified as radio equipment wich bear a CE mark.

This also applies to individual components which are installed as an additional purchase for the production of the UAS.

Copter Squad UAS products are not marketed as toys and sold only to commercial users.

Without instruction and certification of users Copter Squad UAS UG issued according to purchase contract and manual no operating license.

Buyers receive instruction / training in the UAS system and are recorded by means of a certificate of attendance issued by Copter Squad UAS.

No liability is assumed by Copter Squad UAS UG for damages incurred by non-trained or certified users of the acquired UAS.

Court of jurisdiction is Potsdam, district of Brandenburg, Germany.

a) Electro Law The registration and reporting obligations for the placing on the market, the electrical components and systems are the responsibility of the importer. Copter Squad UAS UG acquires all electronic components via german importers and acts exclusively as an assembler of these already registered components. The registration of the manufacturer with the foundation EAR was made before the start of production. The insolvency guarantee is on the side of the respective german importer.


b) Battery Law The batteries sold by Copter Squad UAS UG are not subject to mandatory reporting as these components were not marketed by Copter Squad UAS UG but by selected german import companies.

Copter Squad UAS UG is not liable in any case if the UAS is used for a purpose other than the purchase contract.

The change of the purpose of use e.g. of attached Pay Load requires written permission from Copter Squad UAS UG.

If the UAS is used contrary to local laws and / or limitations, any liability or warranty for the UAS purchased is void.

The local UAV regulations are to be brought independently by the user in the experience and a complete explanation about the local legal situation is up to the buyer.

Liability insurance is mandatory for UAS of this size in germany. Equipment insurance, as far as possible, especially for the payload, is exclusively the duty of the buyer and user.


Copter Squad offers micro drones technology for industry, public services research and FPV.

Our arial carrier systems are suitable for operations in film and photography, industrial plants, geodesy, agriculture and forestry, emergency services and many more. In cooperation with partners we offer complete solutions.


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