Racing 3-Blade 5045/6045 B-Nose Propellers - BN Series


You need more power? Here it is. The BN (Bullnose) racing propellers share the same platform as the RS, but are tuned for greater lift and ultimate top speeds. They will squeeze every bit of power from your motors and provide it to you in a tamed and controllable manner.

The BN Propeller Series is designed for FPV drone racing and freestyle acrobatics. The special shape and airfoil are optimized for high speed / high thrust applications, proving these props to be the ultimate FPV drone racing tool.

Carbon Fiber? Polycarbonate? ABS? – NO, both BN and RS Series are manufactured from the highest quality GLASS FIBER REINFORCED ENGINEERING POLYAMIDE specially formulated for Master Airscrew. The result – amazingly strong propellers capable to bring out the best from your hardware.

The set consists of 4 propellers - 2CW and 2CCW.

Manufactured in our state of the art production facility in California, All BN Propellers are Factory-Balanced


Propeller diameter   5" / 6"
Propeller pitch   4.5" / 114.3mm
Shaft diameter   5mm
Propeller Weight   0.32oz/ 9g
Package Weight   2.10oz / 60gr
Direction of rotation   2 CW and 2 CCW in the Set
Material   Glass Fiber R Composite
Color   Jet Black / Orange / White / Green

BN-3blade-FPV - 6x4.5/5x4.5 Set x4



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