3X Power for X Class and BIG Drone Racing

Dedicated to provide The Ultimate Drone Performance, our brand new X Power Series propellers are specially designed for BIG Drone Racing and high performance applications.

The radical new design is focused on exceptional speeds and track agility during all race stages. Carefully selected airfoils and profile distribution effectively translates all available motor torque into a well directed propeller thrust. 


Propeller diameter   13" / 330mm
Propeller pitch   12" / 305mm
Hub thickness   0.39" / 10mm
Shaft diameter   0.24" / 6mm **
Propeller Weight   1.93oz / 54.8g
Direction of rotation   CW / CCW
Material   Glass Fiber R Composite
Color   Black

Master Airscrew 3X Power - 13x12 Propeller Black



Copter Squad offers micro drones technology for industry, public services research and FPV.

Our arial carrier systems are suitable for operations in film and photography, industrial plants, geodesy, agriculture and forestry, emergency services and many more. In cooperation with partners we offer complete solutions.



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